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Your meeting point now in "Plaza Business Center"

Joining Cowork in Marrakech means to be working in the luxurious neighborhood of Marrakech Plaza, on the fourth floor of the Plaza Business Center

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What our customers are saying...

I do a lot of round trips between Paris and Marrakech for work, I used to work from the hotel, but now I finally have a working environment in the city center and with a great internet connection !!



The location is just perfect and the facilities top! you have all the shops nearby. I do not even move any more, in 2 clicks I reserve a niche on the site. And once there, the coworking manager does everything to make things easy.



Frankly this is the place that was missing in Marrakech! The workspaces are modern and very practical, and the fact of meeting other entrepreneurs always allows for the creation of new collaborations.



Cowork in Marrakech

Welcome to your premium working space

Why Coworking?

Telecommuting does not necessarily mean working from home in precarious and noisy conditions with limited internet connection

You want to work remotely, but renting your own office is too expensive, and working in a coffee shop or library takes a toll on your productivity. Come and work at Cowork in Marrakech and benefit from a premium workspace, calm, air-conditioned and offering a high-performance internet connection. Become a Coworker!

5 Reasons to Cowork

1. Coworking means working in a positive and inspiring atmosphere

As Oprah Winfrey said “Surround yourself with people who will help you get off the ground.”

The shared workspace offered by Cowork in Marrakech is frequented by people who share the same mindset and the same ambitions as you. They are experienced people, having already managed several projects; something to inspire, motivate and encourage you.

2.Stop spending your day alone

Indeed, a coworking space for collective work is an ideal place for networking, around the coffee machine, brunches, or collective brainstorming. According to a study of 500 coworking users, 1 in 4 say they have created a partnership with another member of their coworking space.

3.Separate your professional and personal life

Living and working in the same place is not a good idea at all. It is generally difficult to disconnect from those close to you to concentrate on your professional tasks. Coworking offers you the opportunity to properly segment the two worlds, in order to maintain a good balance, excellent productivity and a better lifestyle.

4.Connect with people who understand you

Coworkers are dynamic people with the same values as you, when an idea springs up in your head, you often need a neutral and objective opinion, as well as an outside voice to give its opinion.

Coworking is the ideal solution because it generally concentrates in the same space experienced and professional people, ready to exchange and share their ideas and their network.

5. Coworking is an economical solution

You do not have to worry about charges such as advance on rent, water, electricity, cleaning, employees or insurance …

With “à la carte” packages and flexible formulas, daily or monthly, you work the time you need without having to incur fixed and unnecessary charges.

Cowork in Marrakech

Welcome to your premium working space

Welcome to the Cowork in Marrakech community

At Cowork in Marrakech You will meet freelancers, ambitious project leaders, SMEs, students, graphic designers, artists, geeks, SEO strategists, designers, sportsmen, clubbers, TPEs, associations, Dataminers, social media and community managers, coaches, startups, cryptos addicts, traders, webdesigners, etc …

All these different personalities rub shoulders, discuss, exchange, work together, imagine solutions, share ideas, contacts and good deals. These women and men overflowing with energy are truly around the same mantra: “Make a break, come and work.”

Cowork in Marrakech is a story of entrepreneurs looking for independence, autonomy, flexibility and collaborative work. The Cowork in Marrakech community is enriched daily new opportunities. More than just a friendly, flexible and collaborative workspace, women and men who settle in Cowork in Marrakech space succeed in innovating, imagining and creating value.

Cowork in Marrakech

Welcome to your premium working space