Cowork in Marrakech’s community

Cowork in Marrakech’s community

Welcome to the Cowork in Marrakech’s community

Joining Cowork in Marrakech will enable you to meet freelancers, ambitious project leaders, SMEs, students, graphic designers, artists, geeks, SEO strategists, designers, sportsmen, clubbers, VSEs, associations, data miners, social media and community managers, coaches, startups, cryptos addicts, traders, web-designers, etc …


All these different personalities meet, discuss, exchange, work together, imagine solutions, share ideas, contacts as well as the best tips and deals in town. These women and men bursting with energy are finally really around the same mantra: “Take a break, come at work”.

Cowork in Marrakech is a story of entrepreneurs looking for independence, autonomy, flexibility and collaborative work. The Cowork in Marrakech’s Community is enriched every day by new opportunities. More than just a friendly, flexible and collaborative work space, women and men who join Cowork in Marrakech succeed together in innovating, imagining and creating value.